Kailyn Lowry Sure Sounds Like She's Done With 'Teen Mom 2'

Remember when Kailyn Lowry seemed to announce that the end of Teen Mom 2 is coming in her new book, Hustle and Heart? There's a chance the end is coming, but not for the show -- just for her. There is reason to believe Kailyn could be quitting Teen Mom 2, all because of a different excerpt from the same book.


Per the Hollywood Gossip, Kailyn writes the following in her book: 

I complained to [a friend] about filming for Teen Mom and said that I wanted to be known for other things outside of that. He just told me to ride the wave until I get to where I want to be.

Yeah, to us that sounds more like Kail's planning to cut and run from the show, not that the show is going off the air entirely. We can't deny that makes us a little relieved, because we can't imagine life without Teen Mom 2, but we'd definitely miss Kail if she wasn't on the show anymore!

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Kail (or MTV) has yet to confirm whether she meant that the show is ending or that she's leaving, but we wish she'd give us an update on what's really going on. We need to know if we'll be seeing her journey as a single mom next season! 

Regardless, we're glad to hear that Teen Mom 2 might not be ending just yet. There are still so many parts of our girls' lives we need to see!


Image via kaillowry/Instagram

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