Amber Portwood Comes Clean on Rumors She's Had Plastic Surgery

Recently, Amber Portwood informed her fans and followers that she had gone under the knife for plastic surgery and is currently recovering from it. But unfortunately, her admission led to a lot of backlash, as well as more questions about what else she might have had done. And now, Amber is clearing up everything about her plastic surgery.  


On Tuesday, the Teen Mom star took to Twitter to let her fans know exactly what's up, and it sounds like her surgery was to help with extra skin and stretchmarks from her weight loss -- and she says she had nothing cosmetic done to her face.

Here's what Amber said: 

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It's pretty brave of Amber to be so open about something that personal, so we have to give her props for that. And honestly, it doesn't matter what kind of plastic surgery it is -- if it makes her feel more comfortable in her own skin, good for her! 

Lately, Amber has become a way more open book than she has been in the past, and we're loving it. Maybe this is a new side of her that's here to stay! 

Here's hoping her recovery goes smoothly and that her followers cut her some slack. This awesome lady deserves it! 


Image via realamberlportwood1__/Instagram

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