Jeremy Calvert Shares a Photo of His Daughter Holding a Gun

The cast of Teen Mom is known for making parenting choices that the rest of us might see as questionable, but this one is definitely off the charts. Leah Messer's ex, Jeremy Calvert, let daughter Addie pose with a gun, and as you can probably guess, he's facing all kinds of backlash.


And it's not just any gun, either -- it's a rifle that's way bigger than she is! Jeremy shared the photo on Instagram this week, and even though he added that the gun isn't loaded, that didn't stop his followers from getting pretty upset about the situation in the comments.

And honestly, can you blame them? She's a tiny little girl, and even if the gun isn't loaded, it may not be the best idea for her to have access to it -- for a photo or for any other reason. Accidents happen all the time! 

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Unsurprisingly enough, Jeremy quickly defended himself in another Instagram post, and he seems pretty upset that people would attack him as a father. Can't blame him for that either, but seriously -- what did he think would happen?!

Hopefully, Jeremy is as cautious as he says he is with his guns, and continues to practice safety in his home. We don't want anyone to get hurt! 


Image via jeremylcalvert505/Instagram

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