We Need a Mom in the White House & Louis C.K. Perfectly Explains Why

When you're a performer and your livelihood depends on people paying to see your shows, it's maybe not the smartest call to alienate half your audience by declaring, on a popular late-night show, who you're voting for. Louis C.K. clearly knows this -- we mean, he said it himself -- but Louis still told Conan (and the millions of people watching) who he's voting for: the mom, obviously. Because moms get sh*t done.


We're not totally sure why Louis was on Conan other than maybe just because they like each other a lot, but it's fine -- they have good chemistry together and it's always funny.

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Plus, nothing is off-limits. Not even the election -- Conan told Louis that he had to ask about it because he wouldn't be doing his job otherwise, and Louis clearly didn't mind. He jumped right into why he loves Hillary Clinton: 

He summed it all up well: She's smart, she's talented, and she knows her stuff. We have been and will be assholes to her, but she can take it. And, he said, we've had 240 years of fathers in the White House. It's time for something better. As Louis explained:

To me, it's really exciting to have the first mother in the White House. It's not about the first woman, it's about the first mom .... Because a mother -- she's got it. A mother just does it. She feeds you and teaches you and protects you -- she takes care of sh*t.

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We're not totally on board with all the language he uses deeper in the video ("abuse" isn't the word we would have chosen, and of course fathers are capable of taking care of their kids), but we also understand comedy and hyperbole and we're okay with it maybe just because we appreciate how much he loves Hillary Clinton.

Obviously, the whole thing is meant to be a joke, and Hillary is clearly more than just a mom. But he kind of has a point -- moms know what's up. Moms can handle anything. Moms can take care of anything.

Moms belong in the White House.


Image via Team CoCo/Youtube

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