Chris Harrison Shares Emotional Details of Nick Viall's 'Bachelor' Season

Now that it's November, Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor is just two months away, and we're finally getting more insight into his season, thanks to our favorite host. Recently, Chris Harrison revealed Nick has a total breakdown on The Bachelor, and it doesn't sound pretty. 


Chris spilled some new details about the season during an appearance on On With Mario Lopez that airs later this week, according to Us Weekly. Apparently, there will be plenty of waterworks -- and not just from Nick's women. 

Here's what Chris told Mario Lopez: 

I will say -- a little inside baseball because we're in the middle of taping right now -- he hit a little low point, as all of the Bachelors do. You kind of reach this emotional bottom where you get stripped down. If you know what a Mesnick is, I will let you know that he pulled a full Mesnick. There will be man tears on this season for sure.

Man tears?! Poor Nick. But still, we're so in. 

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We're curious to see what gets Nick all sad, especially since he's way too cute to frown! Does he fall in love with someone who isn't into him? Does someone break his heart? Or does the pressure of the situation get to him, as it does to most Bachelor and Bachelorette stars? We've still got a bit of a wait ahead until we find out for sure.

But despite all that emotion, it sounds like Nick does pretty well overall on his search for love.

Chris added: 

I hope those people will just trust that we know what we've been doing over 15 years. He's a good man -- he's a really good guy. And he's doing a good job.

With two months to go, we'll be counting down the seconds. And if anyone wants to make Nick cry again, they'll have to go through us first!


Image via chrisbharrison/Instagram

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