15 Thanksgiving Episodes That Became Instant Binge-Watching Classics

Jacqueline Burt Cote | Nov 4, 2016 TV
15 Thanksgiving Episodes That Became Instant Binge-Watching Classics

friends thanksgivingThanksgiving means many things to many people. And to quite a lot of us, it means sitting around and watching TV with our family for hours on end. Hey, what else are we gonna do while waiting for that bird to roast? Talk about politics? (Probably not the best idea.) Thankfully (ha, get it?) there are enough Thanksgiving-themed episodes from our all-time favorite TV shows to keep everybody entertained until long after the pie has been served -- or, for one of those families that actually talks or plays board games on Turkey Day, to binge watch in the coming weeks.

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Ahh, Thanksgiving -- a time of togetherness, family, and remembering the reasons why we are all thankful. Okay, well, that's what the holiday is about in theory. In the land of television, Thanksgiving is the catalyst for some of our favorite characters' craziest adventures. From revealing character backstories to the surprisingly many high jinks one can perform using a roasted turkey -- Thanksgiving TV is perfect in its wackiness. We found some of our favorite Thanksgiving episodes that will pass the time this Turkey Day. 

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Just remember, Thanksgiving might not be perfect -- but as long as folks aren't dropping a turkey out of a helicopter or putting one on their head, they're probably doing better than most of these characters!

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