Some Fans Are Convinced Chelsea Houska Is Having Twins

Although Chelsea Houska has been giving fans updates on her pregnancy so far -- like her cravings and her feelings on breastfeeding -- she hasn't told us too much about the baby. So naturally, fans' minds are starting to wander, and now, they're wandering into very interesting territory. According to their theories, Chelsea could be having twins, and are we crazy if we admit it makes a little bit of sense?


It all started when the Teen Mom 2 star posted a baby bump update in honor of Halloween, while she was all made up as a deer to match daughter Aubree's costume. She admitted her bump has been growing really fast, but could that be because there are two babies in there instead of one?! 

But before you get too carried away with that idea, we have to point out something important: It seems Chelsea has already shut that idea right down on Twitter.

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That makes it seem like it's not twins, right? Or she could just be saying that to throw people off. The possibilities are endless! 

Either way, Chelsea needs to fill us in on her little one (or ones) ASAP! If nothing else, at least it'll stop fans from trying to fill in the blanks themselves, right? Plus, we're dying to find out if Aubree's getting a little brother or a little sister. 

Fingers crossed we get another update soon. We need info! 


Image via chelseahouska/Instagram

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