17 TV Character Deaths That Totally Surprised Us ... & Felt All Too Real

Steven Yeun as Glenn Rhee

Television shows have the power to steal you away from reality and completely suck you in. (Maybe this is why it's become so darn easy to engross ourselves in nonstop binge-watching marathons.) And as much as we shake off each episode we view, or tell ourselves that it's just some stupid show, the truth is our favorite TV series always stay with us -- especially when a character we've come to love dies. 


Of course there are shows -- like Lost, for example -- that make us speculate whether or not what we're seeing is actually real. This makes the discovery of people being dead all along not that shocking.

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But then there are TV series that deal us mighty blows when one of our beloved characters gets taken out. Sometimes we deal with it, and othertimes we need to vent our frustrations in a 140-character-or-less rant.

There have been tons of surprising TV character deaths over the years, but these still sit with us, as we never really saw their demises coming.

Caution: There are a ton of spoilers ahead. And, yes, you might need to grab a tissue.


Image via Gene Page/AMC

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