Farrah Abraham Lashes Out at Her Fans on Twitter

Farrah Abraham has never been the kind of person to sugarcoat anything, and now, she's letting her fans know how she really feels about them. This week, Farrah basically told her Twitter followers to shut up, and honestly, it shouldn't have surprised us one bit.


We're not sure what provoked the Teen Mom OG star to say this or why, but on Thursday, she decided it was a good time to let her followers know exactly how much she doesn't care about what they think. And just as you'd expect, she included some colorful imagery to get her point across. 

Uh, sweet to say she loves everyone, but maybe we could have done without that last part? 

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The response hasn't been great, either. Her followers have totally taken this opportunity to remind her that if she didn't care, she wouldn't have tweeted this message -- and hey, maybe they have a point! Plus, without her fans, she may not be as successful as she is today, so maybe she should be nice to them! 

But this is Farrah, after all. And if there wasn't drama, she wouldn't be herself!


Image via farrah__abraham/Instagram

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