Luke Pell Is Milking His 'Bachelorette' Fame for All It's Worth

On The Bachelorette this season, JoJo Fletcher had to make the difficult decision to spend her life with Jordan Rodgers instead of the other awesome men in her lineup, and it sounds like one of her runners-up isn't taking it very well. Luke Pell wrote a breakup song about JoJo for his upcoming album, so clearly he's milking his Bachelorette fame for all it's worth.


In a recent interview with Us Weekly, Luke revealed that he's definitely written about this experience for his first album, which will be released in January -- just in time for the next season of The Bachelor. 

Luke told the mag: 

A lot of artists write about past relationships and current ones. You write about the good and the bad and the ugly as a way to paint of picture of what happened. You're a storyteller at the end of the day. So absolutely, there will be some of that about JoJo in my writing. 

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He's not wrong! His relationship with JoJo did meet a heartbreaking end, so we can't fault him for wanting to write about the experience. 

He added: 

People will pick up on it because they've seen what happened in reality, but I don't say her name. They'll be able to draw connections from what the music is saying. But I try not to go too cliché. I don't have a rose song!

If he's trying to capture Bachelorette fans' interest, he's successful, because we're definitely curious about what he'll have to say about JoJo. Okay, fine, Luke. You got us. We'll listen!


Image via luke__pell/Instagram

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