Farrah Abraham Completely Loses It at Her Mom in Disturbing Video

She's a bona fide basket case. That's pretty much the only explanation we can come up with. Take this disturbing video clip, for instance -- Teen Mom OG's Farrah Abraham becomes completely unhinged at her mom, Debra Danielsen, and then goes on and acts like nothing happened.


Even more upsetting is that Deb just goes along with Farrah's abuse. What a messed-up family dynamic. Just take a look at the clip, and imagine your children ever treating you this way.

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Farrah got a moving truck delivered to her house, and then her mom made the fatal mistake of making a suggestion as to how to operate it. So Farrah called her a "genius f--kface." Because that's apparently what you do when your mom tries to help you out with something.

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The Teen Mom OG star seems to be on quite a roll recently, as she's been screaming at her boyfriend Simon Saran and abusing her employees at Froco in recent episodes of the show. Then we heard about the reunion taping with Dr. Drew last week, in which she and costar Amber Portwood allegedly got into a fistfight after Farrah said Amber's fiancé Matt Baier looked like a pedophile.

Whatever is going on with Farrah, it seems like she needs some serious mental help. We hope she gets it. No one deserves to be treated the way Farrah seems to treat everyone in her life.


Image via ddanielsen1/Instagram

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