Jenelle Evans Loses It After Being Accused of Judging Catelynn Baltierra

Earlier this week, Teen Mom's Catelynn Baltierra came under fire for sharing a video of her daughter Nova playing in the shower. But someone who definitely didn't call her out for it? Jenelle Evans. On Tuesday, Jenelle freaked out about false claims that she was feuding with Catelynn, and she immediately turned to Twitter to set the record straight.


Her tweets have since been deleted, but according to Wetpaint, Jenelle lost it when she found out that someone made it seem like she thought Catelynn's video of Nova was inappropriate. She tweeted Catelynn trying to clear the whole thing up, and apparently, the culprit was a fake Twitter account posing as Jenelle. 

Reportedly, Jenelle wrote: "Excuse me when and where did I tweet this ?!!!! Are you serious right now?!! I did not say that , I don't know what video they are even talking about, wow."

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As much as we love watching drama play out on Teen Mom, we're glad to hear there isn't another feud to add to the list. Besides, Catelynn is generally friendly with everyone -- it would be really weird if Jenelle decided to pick a fight with her. 

Plus, with her third baby on the way, we have a feeling Jenelle has enough on her plate. We may not see many aggressive tweets from her for a while! Oh, who are we kidding? Of course we will.


Image via j_evans1219/Instagram

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