14 Most Embarrassing Moments From 'The Bachelor' & 'The Bachelorette'

Nicole Pomarico | Nov 1, 2016 TV

On the surface, The Bachelor and The Bachelorette look like shows about falling in love. But the reality of the situation is that falling in love usually comes with its fair share of embarrassing moments, and in this case, those moments are televised. Awesome for us watching at home who get to cringe and laugh, but not so awesome for the men and women on the show.

After more than a decade of our favorite reality show, there have been so many of these moments ... and we can't wait to see more in the future. 

Just the memory of these moments is giving us some serious secondhand embarrassment. Please, please let Nick Viall have some of these waiting for us on The Bachelor next season! 


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  • When Evan Got a Nosebleed in the Pool


    The promos made Evan's bleeding look way more dramatic than it was, only for the audience to find out that it was a routine nosebleed. Apparently this happens to Evan (a grown man) a lot, and it was rough. 

  • When Ryan McDill Got Way Too Drunk

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    On night one of Kaitlyn Bristowe's season of The Bachelorette, Ryan McDill got wasted and walked around the costume party calling all the other guys out and eventually even stripped down. Needless to say, he did not last long.

  • And When Tara Did the Same Thing

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    Poor Tara had way too much to drink during Chris Soules's Bachelor cocktail party on the first night, and barely made it through the rose ceremony. She got sent home, and when she came back asking for forgiveness, Chris wouldn't let her back in. Poor thing! 

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  • Every Time JoJo's Men Sang

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    So much cringe every single time JoJo's guys came up with an original song to sing about her -- and we can't even imagine how JoJo must have felt.

  • When Nick Called Andi Out on 'After The Final Rose'

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    Nick took it really personally when Andi chose Josh Murray -- so personally that he started talking on stage at the aftershow about the fact that they'd had sex. And the second he started talking about "fiancé-type stuff," we were out.

  • When Kasey Kahl Went Too Hard

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    Kasey actually got a real tattoo to impress Ali Fedotowsky, something you never see on The Bachelorette, and for good reason! 

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  • When Alex Michel Threw Up in a Helicopter

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    I mean, do we even need to say anything else? 

  • When Jason Dumped Melissa on 'After the Final Rose'

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    What's worse than getting dumped on national television? When Jason immediately turned around and confessed his feelings for Molly. So much embarrassment in such a short period of time! 

  • When Chad Got So Drunk He Pooped His Pants on 'BIP'

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    It wasn't confirmed, but it seemed pretty likely. So many Chad moments are cringeworthy, but this one may have been the worst.

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  • When Rozlyn Papa Got Caught Having an Affair With a Producer

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    When you're there to fall in love with the Bachelor, it's probably best if you don't pursue a relationship with a crew member. But when Rozlyn was found out, she was immediately sent home, and we were so embarrassed for her.

  • When Olivia Caridi Started Talking About Her Cankles

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    We all have things about our appearance we're self-conscious about, but maybe it's not best to bring them up when the guy you're flirting with just found out he lost someone close to him? Just an idea.

  • When Andi Verbally Undressed Juan Pablo

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    How embarrassing does it have to be to have someone decide to quit vying for your heart because you can't stop talking about yourself? Andi knew exactly what to say to JP to prove her point, and even though he played it off, he had to be humiliated. 

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  • Carly & Evan's Entire Kissing Date

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    These two might be in love now, but remember their disastrous BIP date? It was impossible to see their record-setting jalapeño kiss without wanting to die.

  • When Jillian Anderson Thought Chris Soules Called Her Name

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    Nope, he called someone else's during that rose ceremony, and then she tripped on her way back to her spot. Ugh! 

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