15 Reasons We Want to Trade Places With Chelsea Houska

In the interest of full disclosure, we finally have to admit the truth: We are ridiculously jealous of Chelsea Houska. She hasn't always had the easiest life -- anyone who caught the early days of Teen Mom 2 already knows that -- but she's grown up into a beautiful woman with a pretty sweet life. And if the opportunity to trade places with her ever presented itself, we'd totally take it. Don't believe us? All one needs to do is look at her Instagram and be convinced.


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We wouldn't always say that the ladies from Teen Mom are particularly lucky, but when it comes to Chelsea Houska ... well, we can't help it. We think this girl must be born under a lucky star! Sure she is on a reality show and has a lovely little fam of her own, and yes, her IRL Prince Charming (aka Cole) is extremely good-looking, but she also has a supportive family, great style, and a pet pig to boot! Of course, social media and Teen Mom 2 can't show us everything, but from what we've seen, we'd live Chelsea's life in a heartbeat! Chelsea Houska is truly living the dream and we are lucky enough to get to watch. Want to see all the ways in which we think she is truly lucky? 

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Here are all the reasons we're hoping a cosmic accident makes us swap places with her someday. And if not? We'd settle for being her BFF. 

Image via chelseahouska/Instagram

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