Amber Portwood Opens Up About Her Big Fight With Farrah Abraham

It's that time of year again, folks -- the Teen Mom OG reunion has been filmed, and as always, it came with a heaping dose of drama. Word on the street is that Amber Portwood and Farrah Abraham got in a massive fight over Matt Baier while the special was being taped, and now, one of the moms is speaking out. On Monday, Amber responded to fight rumors, and she's ready to clear things up.


In an Instagram video, Amber addressed the rumors that have been all over Twitter for the last 24 hours, and it sounds like she's tired of dealing with them already. Oh, and by the way? She's making it seem like the fight never happened at all. 


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She wrote: 

Stay open minded and understand that 90 percent of what you're reading isn't true. I don't know what to say, because I'm not allowed to say things contractually about what happened on the show. But, um, know that a lot of things you're reading ... is all false, it's all negative.

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In more videos that followed, Amber went on to call Farrah and Simon liars, which means that their feud is far from over.


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Being that Amber usually ignores rumors and doesn't address them in a series of videos like this, it must be pretty important to her to set the story straight. But since witnesses at filming (and Farrah's BF, Simon Saran) are telling such a different story, we'll just have to wait until the reunion airs to find out what really happened.

Either way, it sounds to us like Amber was just defending her man -- even if her man is super shady. For now, we won't get too worked up about it. Is it reunion time yet?!


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