11 'Gilmore Girls' Updates You Need RN -- & Yes, the New Trailer Is One of Them

With exactly 30 days left until we finally get our Gilmore Girls reboot, Netflix dropped a new trailer -- and believe me when I say that it was the most intense thing I've watched in a while, simply because there's been so much anticipation built around the release of A Year in the Life. I'm seriously not sure if there's been a TV show this celebrated -- with festivals, pop-up diners, and a fan base so dedicated -- in quite some time. 


Seriously. We couldn't control our swooning as we got a glimpse of where everyone was in life. I mean, Rory's all grown up and Lorelai -- well -- not so much. But the most shocking part? Emily Gilmore spotted in a T-shirt.

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I could carry on and on stammering about all the ways I'm excited about this reboot, but TBH, I can barely string together sentences because I'm just all over the place with joy, excitement, sadness, and every other emotion under the sun. 

After attending the Gilmore Girls fan festival over the weekend and then having this trailer come into my life today -- well, life just won't be the same for me as I await the premiere. And I think it's safe to say that nothing will be the same for you once we drop a few little nuggets that we learned from some of the cast during our weekend in Stars Hollow. These nuggets -- in addition to the heartwarming trailer -- will have you more excited than ever for the return of the show on November 25. 

So here it goes: 10 topics we learned about from the people of Stars Hollow during the panel, which was hosted by the Gilmore Guys and featured Keiko Agena (Lane), Todd Lowe (Zack), Jackson Douglas (Jackson), Vanessa Marano (April), Liz Torres (Miss Patty), Sean Gunn (Kirk), and so many more. 

1. Lane's sex life 

According to the cast members, Lane and Zack definitely had sex again ... despite Lane saying she never wanted to try it again after losing her virginity on the sandy beach (which, we suppose, is probably not the best place for beginners) -- and despite Mrs. Kim basically telling her on her wedding day that sex is awful but that Lane would "have to do it" just once.

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Lane could easily have adopted Mrs. Kim's attitude -- and we were a little afraid she would -- but no worries: We got a thumbs-up from Todd when he and Keiko Agena were asked about Lane and Zack's sex life during the panel.


2. Lorelai and Rory's big "breakup"

None of the cast that was present on stage was as upset by Rory and Lorelai's temporary split as we, the fans, were. (Possibly because they knew the two would repair their relationship long before we did?) But either way, when the panel was asked if they were upset about the Lorelai/Rory "breakup," the crowd was met with a lot of blank stares and silence until one cast member blurted out "no" -- presumably speaking for everyone. 


3. Lane's first bae

Keiko said that Lane doesn't feel like she missed out with Dave Rygalski (Adam Brody). We guess that sort of makes sense because the last time we heard about Dave, he wasn't doing THAT great ... I guess college didn't work out for him after all. 

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4. The million dollar question: #TeamDean, #TeamJess, or #TeamLogan?

No Gilmore Girls discussion is complete until this one burning question is answered -- and you better have the right answer ... or else. So with that said, we found out where the cast stood when it came to Rory's love life and it was #TeamJess by a landslide. However, a few cast members -- Jackson Douglas and Rose Abdoo (Gypsy), in particular -- put us to shame by pointing out that they're #TeamRory -- she "doesn't need a man to define her," they said. 


5. Lane on motherhood

Keiko said that Lane is more like Mrs. Kim than she ever imagined. When we spoke to Keiko, she brought up a valid point:

We all sort of think that we're not going to be like [Mrs. Kim], but I think that we kind of are. I think that Lane is a little bit too -- definitely in the way that she passionately loved her kids. I mean, she's not going to be exactly like her mom, but there are probably things that she finds herself doing like her mom.

But, of course, she's not as strict as Mrs. Kim. Whew, thank God.


6. Forgiveness is key

People have begun to forgive April Nardini (Vanessa Marano) for Luke and Lorelai's breakup. At the panel, someone legitimately told Vanessa this: "Now that I'm 30 I realize it wasn't your fault."

Obviously, that has always been the case -- that it wasn't her fault -- but fans needed someone to blame and couldn't bring themselves to admit that it was Luke's f*ck-ups that hurt his relationship with Lorelai. 


7. Ms. Patty IRL

Liz Torres was a dancer in real life, before Ms. Patty was ever thought of. 


8. Kirk is really a jack–of–all–trades

Sean Gunn said that he officiated the wedding of John Cabrera, who played Lane's bandmate Brian. So basically he's Kirk -- but IRL. 

Side note? Kirk's Sean's favorite odd job (out of 62 job titles) on the show was announcing the hockey game because he could imagine himself truly doing that for a career in another life. 

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9. The curse of the baby

Liz Torres said she once thought she was cursed because every time she was handed Jackson and Sookie's baby in between scenes, he cried -- every one of the 13 times.

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10. Impacting their own mom-bond

One fan asked the cast how the mother-daughter dynamic of the show impacted their relationships with their own mothers. Todd Lowe joked, "Next question, that's deep" -- but then someone in the panel jokingly said, "It made me resent her more." 

Only kidding ... we hope! Nonetheless, we were excited to get to know more about the cast's take on their characters, their lives, and small hints of what's to come. 


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