From Film Favorites to Long-Awaited Series, Here's What's Streaming in November

Gilmore Girls reboot

OK, so technically it's still fall, but by cuddling standards my body has shut down and gone into winter mode. Tell me I'm alone -- and you're a liar (kidding ... sort of). But, with that said it also means that I'm in the process of giving up any social activities that a bottle of wine and my living room media devices aren't the center of. Yes, I'm declaring it Netflix and Chill season (in the literal sense of the words), or the season for whatever streaming service is your BFF these days.


To make things infinitely simpler for you -- so all you have to do is kick your shoes off and hit the "enter" key -- we are giving you the 14 movies and series you definitely owe it to yourself to stream this November. 


Image via Netflix

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