Catelynn Baltierra Raked Over the Coals for Posting 'Inappropriate' Video of Nova

Naked baby alert! Once considered the epitome of cute, naked babies are now consider dangerous -- at least when parents post seemingly innocent images of their bare little tushies on the Internet. Catelynn (Lowell) Baltierra recently posted a video of Nova in the shower, and commenters went berserk to the point of calling her "the worst Teen Mom."


In all fairness, we haven't seen the video in question, but knowing what we know about the Teen Mom OG fan favorite, we can't believe some of the things being said online about her! The video has been removed from Cate's Snapchat account, but has been described as footage of Cate and Tyler Baltierra's toddler daughter "without clothes on in the shower." For the record, this child is 21 months old.

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One person responded via social media to the couple, saying, "your snapchat is vile don't expose your child like that you're handing the material right over to perverts ... you must be high." Another chimed in with "I'm at a loss for words. She just jumped to the worst Teen Mom slot."

Apparently this person has never heard of Farrah Abraham, let alone Adam Lind, two parents who have legit been thrust into the spotlight over their questionable practices in the past.

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Anyway, several fans claimed to have reported the video to the Snapchat authorities, which apparently prompted Cate to post another video, in which she and her mom April reportedly used the R-word to describe those complaining about her original post.

After several complaints calling her "trashy" and "uneducated," Cate took the offensive video down, and tweeted:

Sounds like Catelynn had a bad reaction, and while we definitely agree that she shouldn't have used the R-word as a slur, we can't blame her for being so upset.

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After all, baby tushies are adorable, and it sucks that pedos have made it so that we can't even enjoy adorable tots being happy little babies. If what Cate posted in the first place was wrong, it would've been more helpful to gently point out that other people are sickos -- not her.


Image via catelynnmtv/Instagram

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