One 'Bachelor in Paradise' Couple Might Be Expecting Their First Baby

It may have only been a couple of months since Bachelor in Paradise wrapped for the season, but is there a chance one of the surviving engaged couples is already expecting their first baby? There's a chance Carly Waddell could be pregnant, and Evan Bass may have spilled the beans himself! 


It all started on Friday, when Carly tweeted that she was sick and thought that Evan had given her his cold. Then, Evan replied, insinuating that her cold could really be morning sickness. What?! 

Is Evan joking? Is he serious? Are they trying for a baby? Is this their way of announcing that they're pregnant?! So many questions! We need to know what's actually going on here! 

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The most likely answer: This is a joke, and Evan is messing with us. After all, he and Carly haven't been together (or even known each other) that long, so it'd be a little early for them to decide to have a baby. It would definitely be shocking if they are expecting, and knowing Carly, the official announcement would be way cuter.

Hopefully, Evan or Carly explains this exchange soon. We're dying of curiosity over here!


Image via carlywad/Instagram

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