Leah Messer's Life Is About to Take an Interesting Turn

In the early days of Teen Mom, Leah Messer often talked about how much she wanted to go back to school, and now, it sounds like she's finally following her dreams! This week, Leah announced she's going to college, and it sounds like she's pretty excited. 


On Wednesday, Leah took to Instagram to share the big news, and also show off adorable photos of Addie's first day of preschool. In the pics, Addie -- who is donning a pair of cat ears -- looks absolutely thrilled to join in on the fun, and Leah explains that it's not just Addie growing up, but her, too. 

"I always said I would wait until all my girls were in school and then I would go," Leah wrote in the caption. "It's finally that time to finish what I want to pursue in my career and start the college life as a mom of 3." 

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Good for Leah for keeping her promise to herself and building the life she wants! We know that as a single mom to three little ones, it definitely won't be easy, but we don't doubt she's up to the challenge. 

Unfortunately, Leah didn't expand on her plans or her end career goal, but hopefully, she'll open up soon. We're so curious about what she might want to do! 

Congrats, girl! We're excited to see the next phase of her life, and more photos of Addie loving school. She's just too cute!


Image via leahdawn92mtv/Instagram

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