Jenelle Evans's Custody Case Over Jace Hits Another Roadblock

It's still dragging on! It seems like Jenelle Evans's court case with Barbara Evans will go on forever, and at the rate it's going, they'll be fighting over custody of Jace's kids before anything is settled.


Jenelle has been fighting to regain custody of her 7-year-old son for years, after surrendering it to her mom when she was a drug-abusing teenager. Since then, the Teen Mom 2 star has turned her life around, and even has another son as well as a daughter on the way, yet she can't get the custody thing with Jace figured out.

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Thankfully, she got her other custody battle solved over the summer, when her 2-year-old's dad, Nathan Griffith, tried to get custody of Kaiser. The courts sided with Jenelle on that one, which you'd think would help her case for Jace, but that doesn't seem to be what's happening.

The most recent court case between Jenelle and Babs has gone on for months, with delays up the wazoo. Hearings reportedly began on June 10, and on July 5, they got pushed back to October 11. Then Hurricane Matthew happened and suspended all cases, and the judge is set to meet with the lawyers on Friday, October 21.

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But don't think a decision is coming anytime soon. The meeting tomorrow is just to schedule another court appearance in the future, and according to a source, "There will be no outcome at the meeting."

Poor Jenelle. Not only is she missing out on more time with her son (she does have weekend visitation with him), but it's also got to be affecting her relationship with her mom. They all deserve to have this wrapped up sooner rather than later.


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