'Teen Mom' Baby Daddies Ranked From Awesome to Total Deadbeat

Nicole Pomarico | Oct 26, 2016 TV
'Teen Mom' Baby Daddies Ranked From Awesome to Total Deadbeat

Watching Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 has given us a peek into a lot of different families, which means we've witnessed a lot of different ways of parenting, especially when it comes to the dads. Some have been super involved while others have been notably absent, and some are stepdads who totally stepped up for their wives' and girlfriends' kids when their biological dads failed them.

Throughout the years, Teen Mom has given us both terrible dads and awesome ones, and while we understand everyone parents differently, some of these guys are clearly better fathers than others. Although the cameras don't capture everything and and they can be rolling during an uncharacteristically bad day, they record enough to give as a pretty fair idea of what these parents are like.

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From Cole and Javi melting hearts as they embrace their stepkids just like their own to some of the other less admirable role models, there is a wide range of dads to compare. Here's a ranking of all the baby daddies on Teen Mom, based on what we've seen on the show -- bio dads, stepdads, and everyone in between.


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