Mackenzie Douthit Makes a Bold Health Decision We Never Saw Coming

A lot of moms decide to go a more permanent route when they're done having children, but many women don't elect to take drastic measures until they're older ... unless they're a certain Teen Mom 3 star. Believe it or not, Mackenzie Douthit got her tubes tied at just 22 years old.


Earlier this week, Mackenzie Snapchatted a photo of herself in a hospital gown, revealing that she and her womb are closing up shop -- just months after welcoming her third child, Broncs, into the world. 

It's pretty shocking that someone as young as Mackenzie is ready to close the door on ever having any more children, but it sounds like she's pretty certain that her family is complete. And with three little ones running around, it's hard to blame her.

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Plus, based on the complications that came with Broncs's birth, we doubt Mackenzie is ready to get back in that stressful saddle anytime soon. It sounds like she's making the best decision for herself and her family. We just hope she doesn't regret it down the line. 

Here's hoping all goes well for her and that she has a speedy recovery! Mackenzie's gorgeous little ones will need their mommy in tip top shape!


Image via mackenzietaymckee/Instagram

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