Maci Bookout Faces Criticism for Taking Her Kids to Daycare

It's a pretty well-known fact that if you're on Teen Mom, your parenting decisions are going to be criticized -- a lot. And now, it's Maci Bookout's turn. Now, fans are judging Maci for taking her kids to daycare -- seriously?! 


If you watched Teen Mom OG this week, you saw Maci decide to quit her day job, making her a stay-at-home mom -- and then, in the same episode, Taylor revealed that Jayde and Maverick go to daycare while Bentley is at school. And as Radar Online pointed out, fans were quick to hop on Twitter to call them out for their childcare decisions.

On one hand, we get what they're saying. Stay-at-home moms usually don't take their kids to daycare, because they stay home to care for them themselves. But on the other hand? It's Maci's life and children, so she gets to call the shots. Plus, it's not like she's solely a stay-at-home mom. She also helps Taylor with his clothing business, Things That Matter.

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We totally understand why Maci and Taylor would want and need some extra help. Two babies that young are a lot of work, especially when they're trying to get their business off the ground. Maci shouldn't be shamed for knowing her limits and using daycare to help her out. 

So can we all agree to give Maci a break? She's doing the best she can, and she's obviously a great mom. Just look at what an awesome kid Bentley is growing up to be!


Image via macideshanebookout/Instagram

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