Adam Lind Might Be a Single Man Once Again

When Teen Mom 2's Adam Lind and his girlfriend Stasia Huber announced their engagement over the summer, we were shocked that Chelsea Houska's ex had finally decided to settle down. But could it all be over already? Rumor has it that Adam and Stasia's engagement has ended, even if Aubree's dad says differently.


According to what sources close to the couple tell Radar Online, Stasia and Adam's relationship has been on the rocks lately. Apparently, Adam's having trouble staying faithful to her, and it's taking its toll on Stasia. Plus, they say that Adam and Stasia are known for frequently breaking up and getting back together.

But according to what Adam himself tells Radar? There's nothing to worry about, because they're solid as ever -- and still engaged, if you were wondering.

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Adam told the site, "I didn't post anything on social media. It's not anyone's f—cking business." 

Well, we'll take him at his word, then! But don't be surprised if these two never make it down the aisle. Where there are rumors, there's usually at least a tiny bit of truth.

Plus, let's be real here: After seeing the way Adam treated Chelsea, Stasia might be better off without him. We don't want her to fall into the same trap! 


Image via adamjoelind/Instagram 

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