New 'Gilmore Girls' Posters Are Here & We're 'Lorelai-on-Caffeine' Excited

Gilmore Girls still from new season

Thanksgiving is still a month away, and I don't know about you, but I already know what I'm thankful for: the November 25 premiere of the Gilmore Girls reboot -- Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. I think it's also safe to say that we're also super thankful that Netflix already released the new promotional posters for the series (one for every season, yay!). 


Because we definitely needed something to hold us over, as it seems that the countdown to showtime is never-ending. Seriously, we've been waiting for what? A year now? We're officially ready to spend four seasons -- and we mean actual seasons -- in Stars Hollow catching up with all three of the Gilmore Girls (including, of course, Emily). 

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In case you've forgotten, the series will be four hour-long episodes, starting with winter: 

Gilmore Girls Promo posters

Then spring:

Gilmore Girls Promo posters


Gilmore Girls Promo posters

And, of course, fall:

Gilmore Girls Promo posters

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However, I must point out the sad fact we've all been avoiding. The fact that we're literally going to binge-watch this in a matter of hours -- maybe even before we partake in the chaos of Black Friday -- and then, shortly after, we'll be left with a feeling of nothingness as we're forced to say goodbye to Lorelai and Rory once again. (Because who will be there to comfort us, if not Lorelai Gilmore?!)

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The reality is that four episodes just aren't enough, but I guess in the name of the Thanksgiving holiday, we can only be grateful that we received what was put on the table for us (metaphorically speaking) and hope for more. 

And trust us, we will certainly be hoping for an open ending that shows promise of more Gilmore Girls to come. 

But, until then, we'll be getting our coffee ready (true to form) for this late-night marathon -- guaranteed to take place in the wee hours of the morning once Netflix releases the series. 


Images via Netflix 

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