15 Times 'Walking Dead' Star Norman Reedus Gave Us Life as Daryl Dixon

Jacqueline Burt Cote | Oct 18, 2016 TV
15 Times 'Walking Dead' Star Norman Reedus Gave Us Life as Daryl Dixon

daryl dixonWith the season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead upon us, Norman Reedus obsessives the world over have just one question: Was Daryl Dixon at the other end of Negan's bat?! Actually, we have more questions (and we're pretty worried about Glenn and Maggie, too), but you know how the saying goes: If Daryl dies, we riot! After all, everybody's favorite crossbow-wielding antihero has been a viewer favorite from the very start. In fact, we can't stop reminiscing about all the many, many moments in which Daryl gave us all the feels. (Like, all of them.)

Chances are Daryl's enormous and rabid fan base will keep him alive for at least another season, but that doesn't mean we can't do a little Reedus-related binge-remembering in his honor anyway. Whether he's fighting off walkers or tears (granted, the latter is a rare occurrence), Daryl is still THE official badass of the zombie apocalypse ... and our hearts.


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  • When He Swept Carol Off Her Feet

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    Back in the days when Carol was still learning how to fend for herself (season 3, episode 6), Daryl was her knight in shining bloody, dirty armor, thereby cementing their bond for seasons to come! Sure, Carol almost died, but Daryl carried her in his arms. #Jealous

  • When He Was Mr. Mom to Judith

    • How adorable was Daryl giving baby Judith a bottle in season 3, episode 5? So adorable that everybody was totally fine with his nicknaming the newborn "Lil' Asskicker." (Also, we wouldn't be at all surprised if there was a mini baby boom exactly nine months after this scene aired.)
  • When He Found Out Carol Was Gone

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    We were all pretty bummed when Rick banished Carol from the prison for killing Karen and David in season 4, episode 8 -- but not as much as Daryl was. That look he gave Rick? Still gives us chills!!

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  • When He Bonded Big-Time With Rick

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    Daryl Dixon and Rick Grimes aren't exactly the kind of guys who talk about their feelings all that easily, so when the battered and bruised buds finally shared an emotional post-battle moment in season 4, episode 16, it was pretty major. (If you didn't ugly cry when Rick said "You're my brother," you might not be human.)

  • When He Was Reunited With Carol


    The best thing about the gang's escape from Terminus? (Besides the fact that they didn't get eaten?) Daryl's reunion with Carol in season 5, episode 1. When he runs to her!!! And his face!!! Let's just all imagine we're on the receiving end of that hug for a minute (or an hour or a couple of days or whatever).

  • When He (Temporarily) Lost His Crossbow

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    Daryl is famous for his one-liners (he's a man of few words, after all), and season 6, episode 6 featured one of his most famous. "I'm sorry," said one of the damn fools who stole his crossbow and bike. "You will be," said Daryl, who then promptly stole a fuel truck and saved Sasha and Abraham. Classic Daryl.

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  • When He Let His Guard Down With Beth


    Oh, to be Beth in season 4, episode 12 and have the supreme privilege of comforting Daryl Dixon!!! For a minute, it almost seemed like there was a happy ending in the works for these two. Alas ...

  • When He Was a Zombie Pied Piper

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    Daryl didn't much love his job of having to lead a herd of walkers away from Alexandria on his motorcyle in season 6, episode 3, but honestly? We'd watch him make this grisly slow ride all day.

  • When He Schooled Merle on Glenn's Roots


    Daryl transcended his redneck roots when he perfectly shut down his brother Merle. "I almost killed that Chinese kid," said Merle. "He's Korean," Daryl shot back. Damn right!

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  • When He Was a Horse Whisperer

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    Well, of course Daryl Dixon would have a way with horses. What animal wouldn't willingly be tamed by this man?? (Also, RIP Buttons of season 3, episode 10.) 

  • When He Was Better Than a Tank


    The moment in season 4, episode 8 when Daryl blew up the Governor's tank with a grenade was so epic it spawned a thousand memes, all with the same punch line: "WE HAVE A DARYL!"

  • When He Carried Beth's Body

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    Truth: We still have PTSD from season 5, episode 8, when our devastated hero stoically carried his beloved Beth's body out to Maggie and the rest of the group. (And poor Maggie!)

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  • When He Was a One-Man Intervention


    Everyone copes with the zombie apocalypse differently. If you're the ill-fated Bob, you turn to the bottle (in season 4, episode 4). If you're Daryl, you make dang sure Bob isn't going to let his drinking interfere with your mission to get meds for the rest of the group. It's called tough love, Bob.

  • When He Brought Carol a Cherokee Rose


    It's hard to say exactly when our feelings for Daryl solidified, but it was probably when he brought grieving Carol a Cherokee Rose in season 2, episode 4, and said: "I'm not fool enough to think there's any flowers blooming for my brother. But I believe this one bloomed for your little girl."

    Crying. So. Hard!

  • When He Saw Zombie Merle


    Okay, so Merle wasn't always the best big brother. But Daryl's anguish in season 3, episode 15 when he saw his bro reanimated as a walker (and subsequently put him out of his misery) will haunt us forever!

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