Farrah Abraham's Daughter Gets More Unnecessary Hate on Instagram

After all these years, we're pretty used to Farrah Abraham getting criticism for her parenting decisions, but this time, her followers may have gone too far. Unfortunately, after Farrah shared a photo of her daughter over the weekend, Farrah's fans called Sophia out for needing braces, and it was definitely uncalled for.


In the pic, Sophia's cheerleading as she's holding a spirit stick and grinning at the camera. Farrah meant to share the photo to show how proud she is of her daughter, but her fans missed that completely and went straight to calling out Farrah for not getting Sophia braces yet. 

Proud of @sophialabraham #cheerleader of the week! #spiritstick #spiritweek #cheerleading #teenmomog #mtv

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Obviously, braces don't usually happen until after a child has lost all of her baby teeth, and at 7 years old, Sophia likely hasn't lost all of hers. Maybe in the future, she and her mom (and their orthodontist) will decide what the best path to take is, but that's their business -- and it's so out of line to point that out in the comments on a photo where Sophia's just having fun being a kid.

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And the hate didn't stop there, either. One fan wrote, "Your kid looks like a gremlin, I don't think anything can make her pretty." Are you serious?! Sophia's a kid. Be nice! 

Hopefully, Sophia won't ever read those comments. She doesn't need to be aware that so many people have hateful things to say about her, especially since she's done nothing to deserve it! 

Farrah may do some crazy things, but can we all just leave Sophia out of it? Let the girl live!


Image via farrah__abraham/Instagram

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