16 Legendary TV Moms We Admire for Always Keeping It Real

roseanneSome iconic TV moms are memorable because they fulfilled our childhood fantasies: They were the perfectly cheerful types who always had a tray of freshly baked cookies and never let the house get even the tiniest bit untidy. Our favorite TV moms, however, were way more relatable: Gritty, no-nonsense ladies who could shut down a rebellious kid or a clueless husband with little more than a look -- and who were more likely to call for takeout than cook a meal from scratch (without burning it, that is). 


They're the classic characters who inspired such current small-screen matriarchs as those found on American Housewife and Modern Family. And, even though their shows have been off the air for years, we still channel them when we need a little parenting inspiration (and we still stream them when we need a laugh!). 


Image via ABC Photo Archives/ABC via Getty Images

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