Farrah Abraham's Boyfriend Accuses Her Costars of the Unthinkable

He's at it again! Farrah Abraham's boyfriend Simon Saran slammed her MTV costars yet again this week, unleashing the fury on Snapchat after Teen Mom OG aired. He may have called his previous rants "good fun," but there's nothing amusing about the horrific accusations he hurled at both Maci Bookout and Amber Portwood.


Farrah's on-again, off-again boyfriend slammed Maci for drinking during her pregnancy with her third child. As fans know, she was well into her pregnancy before she learned she was pregnant with baby Maverick, and she may have consumed an occasional alcoholic beverage during that time.

Mav arrived happy and healthy last May, but Simon slammed her for the alleged faux pas anyway, saying, "Careful kissing mommy, you don't want to get the baby drunk ... How can you talk about balance when you can't even balance walking a straight line cause you're too f**ked up."

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He even insulted her for using the kitchen sink as a bathtub for her newborn. "I'm going to wash my baby in the sink, the same sink I spill my beers in," he ripped her. He's such an ass. But what he had to say about Amber Portwood and Matt Baier was even worse.

Simon called Matt a pedophile, which is so far beyond an insult that we're not sure what to do with it. He wrote that 7-year-old Leah's dad Gary Shirley has "every right to be worried about his daughter," as Baier is "the red dot in your community." He added in an apparent message to Leah, "I would be nervous too sweetheart, you don't want to sit on that man's lap."

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Matt has definitely had his issues, but we've never had any reason to suspect him of anything even close to pedophilia or child abuse. Amber was not about to let Simon get away with his vile and baseless accusations either.

She tweeted, "How is he a pedophile ... Where does that even come from? STFU and be the little boy toy weak a** person you are ... Simon you're a little b***h who lets a girl talk mad s**t to you. You're weak and irrelevant. You're a little boy toy puppet."

Somehow, we have a feeling that isn't going to shut him up. Let's just hope no one takes his cruel insults seriously.


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