Your 'Gilmore Girls' Refresher Course -- as Told in 16 Classic GIFs

Kiarra Sylvester | Oct 28, 2016 TV
Your 'Gilmore Girls' Refresher Course -- as Told in 16 Classic GIFs

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In less than a month, Gilmore Girls will be making its way back to our screens. And it'll come with a vengeance. But if you're anyone who's anyone, I guess I don't have to tell you that. Seriously, there's simply no escaping the news -- it's literally been plastered everywhere since before it was even official (thanks to the power of fandom, of course). But even with the heads-up, there will be people who are going to attempt to watch the new episodes without taking the time (or just lacking the time) to binge the previous seasons first.

So, since we're the amazing people that we are, we put together a Gilmore Girls seasons 1 through 7 guide. It's a refresher on the 16 most important Gilmore life events that you need to catch up on before you tune in on Friday, November 25 -- aka, before we dive into another year in the life of our fast-talking, coffee-drinking, grandmother-mother-daughter trio (and the rest of the gang).


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  • When Friday Became for Family


    After Lorelai went to her parents for help (something oh-so-rare back in season 1) with paying for Rory's high school tuition, Emily Gilmore, being the woman she is, tied some strings -- and those strings meant Rory and Lorelai had to attend Friday night dinners until the money was paid off. 

    Eventually, Lorelai was able to pay the money back, which hurt Emily's feelings (because of course she wasn't really in it for the money -- she was in it for the family). But as soon as Rory ventured off to Yale, the dinners were reinstated in exchange for her grandparents' help paying for college tuition.

    These Friday night dinners fuel the dysfunctional family that we're all secretly a part of.

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  • When Dean Met Rory


    Dean was Rory's first boyfriend and first love (and my least favorite, but whatever). These two met in high school, but Dean was always temperamental and, if you ask me, on the prowl for a housewife -- which is far from anything Rory ever seemed to want. Fortunately, Jess came into town not long after Rory and Dean hooked up, and the couple split when Rory couldn't deny her feelings for the mysterious newbie anymore. 

    However, seasons later, Rory does lose her virginity to a married Dean -- ultimately playing a part in ending his marriage before they briefly dated again.

  • When Rory Found a Bad Boy


    Jess was Rory's first taste of bad boys. He was mysterious, intelligent, and able to keep up with Rory's literary banter (something Dean weirdly couldn't do after season 1). Regarding Jess's type, this relationship caused lots of tension between Rory and Lorelai, as Lorelai attempted to protect Rory from inevitable heartbreak.

    Things ended between Rory and Jess when he ran off to California without so much as a word to her. Ouch. He did come back into the picture several seasons later, but by then, Rory was dating Logan and in a totally different place in her life.

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  • When Something Beautiful Began


    The most unsuspecting relationship was that of Rory and Paris, and, frankly, it ended up being one of the strongest in the show. Paris, who initially felt threatened by Rory, was around for some of her most difficult moments (and vice versa).

    The two have an undeniably unorthodox friendship, but hey -- it works. No breakups here -- these two are still going strong when we leave them in season 7.

  • When It Was Yale for the Win


    Although Rory had initially dreamed of going to Harvard, she ended up following in her grandparents' footsteps and becoming a Yale Bulldog -- through and through. Of course, true to Rory, she was accepted to every college that she applied to -- Harvard included.

  • When Lorelai Couldn't Let Go


    Lorelai and Christopher were the most and on-again, off-again relationship evvvvver. He is Rory's father, so it's no secret that Chris and Lorelai dated when they were younger.

    They gave their relationship a try every couple of years after that -- the first time we saw them take a stab at it was after Christopher broke up with Sherry. Little did we (or they) know, Sherry was pregnant, so Christopher ended up marrying her -- and leaving Lorelai alone. Again.

    They gave it another shot some years later and eventually eloped in Paris, but (per usual) things went completely left when Chris found out that Lorelai was a character reference for her ex-fiancé Luke. The whirlwind relationship ended in divorce. Oy.

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  • When Rory Had to Let Go


    Logan was the first guy to get Rory out of her comfort zone -- he brought adventure into her life and showed her things she never even knew she wanted. Logan, like Jess, promised to be trouble. But unlike Jess, Logan came from old money and thus had an easier time getting his sh*t together. While Logan is a douche in the beginning, we Rory can't help but fall for him in the end.

  • When It Was Love at First Bite


    These two, Sookie and Jackson, fall in love over their love for food (or, er, fresh produce). They end up happily married with three kids, but it's probably worth mentioning that the third kid was an accident that occurred after Jackson secretly opted out of the vasectomy Sookie arranged for him. 

  • When It Came to Matters of the Heart


    When Richard has a heart attack, a frantic Emily asks -- no, demands -- that he let her be the first of them to die.

    This. Is. Big. It's one of the rare occasions we see Emily unveil her emotions, as she usually keeps it together. But considering that the actor who played Richard, Edward Herrmann, passed away a couple of years ago, we (sadly) take this to mean that Emily's demands were not met.

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  • When Emily Went from Break Up to Make Up


    After some bumps in the road, Emily and Richard found themselves separated. (They even force Lorelai and Rory to attend Friday Night dinners separately while Richard lived out his midlife crisis in the guest house.) However, they eventually realized their love was timeless and renewed their vows in a nice ceremony.

    Note that during the wedding ceremony, Emily and Lorelai became estranged (for quite a while) after Emily attempted to end Luke and Lorelai's relationship -- using Christopher as bait.

  • When the Demise of Luke & Lorelai Began


    April Nardini skipped into town, screwed up everyone's life, and then skipped right back out -- or so, that's what many fans will tell you, as she's often blamed for Luke and Lorelai's relationship woes.

    But let's back up -- April is Luke's long-lost daughter who finds him when she's doing DNA testing for her science fair project. It wasn't April that broke Luke and Lorelai up -- it was Luke who kept the whole daughter thing a secret from Lorelai and distanced himself from her while getting to know April. But, of course, the truth doesn't soothe fans at all. 

  • When Rory Melted Down


    While at Yale, Rory ended up dropping out (at the time, indefinitely), moving in with her grandparents, and joining the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution), all because of her internship with Mitchum Huntzberger (her boyfriend's father) -- who told her she wasn't cutthroat enough to be a great journalist.

    It's harsh any way you slice it, but it meant a great deal to Rory since Mitchum was a key player in the industry. Plus, it really didn't help ease her relationship with her Logan's family -- even from day one, they didn't like Rory. Apparently, they found her too independent to marry into the family. (Yes, let out a big WTF, now.)

    All that said, it's a definite highlight of the show when Emily finds out how the Huntzberger family has been treating her granddaughter at a DAR event -- and proceeds to handle them all like a straight boss.

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  • When We Got an Unexpected Visitor


    After Jess struggled to find himself in California, he ultimately credited Rory as why he decided to get his act together. He was always a smart guy, he just needed someone to believe in him -- and that's what Rory did for him, even if they were just in high school at the time. That's what they did for each other.

    In fact, at some point during Rory's break from Yale, Jess reminded her of who she is and what she's meant to do. In a way, it helps to get her back on track. 

  • When Things Ended -- & Began


    Rory's graduation from Yale was full of life changes, as she tried to figure out where she wanted her career to take her -- and mulled over Logan's marriage proposal. Ultimately, she decided she wasn't ready for marriage, but for Logan it was all or nothing. (Probably a pride thing.) So he walked away from the entire relationship ... on her graduation day. 

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  • When Obama Came to Town


    In the very last season, Rory (our darling Rory!) was offered a job trailing the Obama campaign. Turns out, things do actually work out they way they're meant to be -- even if we're still sad Logan couldn't get on board. 

  • When Lorelai Got It Right


    Luke and Lorelai was the one relationship we waited seven seasons for. Sure, they technically happened earlier than season 7 -- but things got all messy when Lorelai ran off with Christopher.

    However, on the season finale of the series, Luke and Lorelai share a kiss -- and give us the promise of a happily ever after between them.

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