Your 'Gilmore Girls' Refresher Course -- as Told in 16 Classic GIFs

gilmore girls set picture from Netflix

In less than a month, Gilmore Girls will be making its way back to our screens. And it'll come with a vengeance. But if you're anyone who's anyone, I guess I don't have to tell you that. Seriously, there's simply no escaping the news -- it's literally been plastered everywhere since before it was even official (thanks to the power of fandom, of course). But even with the heads-up, there will be people who are going to attempt to watch the new episodes without taking the time (or just lacking the time) to binge the previous seasons first.


So, since we're the amazing people that we are, we put together a Gilmore Girls seasons 1 through 7 guide. It's a refresher on the 16 most important Gilmore life events that you need to catch up on before you tune in on Friday, November 25 -- aka, before we dive into another year in the life of our fast-talking, coffee-drinking, grandmother-mother-daughter trio (and the rest of the gang).


Image via Netflix

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