Maci Bookout's Ex Ryan Edwards Creates Major Drama on 'Teen Mom OG'

Talk about drama! On Monday night's episode of Teen Mom OG, all the stars faced some pretty serious challenges, but we think the cake went to Maci Bookout's ex Ryan Edwards, whose dad said that he wouldn't piss on him if he were on fire.


So that happened. We're not sure exactly what went down other than Ry being a lazy bum who still lives at home at nearly 30 and barely manages to even occasionally show up for his son, but it must have been one hell of a scene.

When one of the producers sat down to talk to Ryan's parents Larry and Jenn about him having moved out (finally), Bentley's grandfather called his son a "blood-sucking leech," and also made the fire/piss comment. Jenn was visibly upset and left the room, and Larry nonchalantly said that he was sick of her putting Ryan ahead of him, and if she didn't want to put him before their son, she could leave. It was hella intense, and we're just hoping that they can work it out! (Also that Ryan finally grows the eff up.)

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Meanwhile, Catelynn (Lowell) Baltierra continued to struggle with depression after returning from rehab, and it's begun to affect her marriage with Tyler. During lunch with his mom, Kim Forbes, Ty confessed, "I feel like people don't understand -- and I don't think even Cate understands -- how damaged she really is."

Ty decided to visit his and Catelynn's therapist, and confided in her that the treatment center told him not to interfere in his wife's recovery. The counselor told him that it's OK to talk to Cate about how it's affecting their relationship though, but when he eventually confronted her about things, she broke down in tears. It's clear that it's going to be a long road to recovery!

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Amber Portwood had a major epiphany after she went to a weight loss clinic to lose the 20 pounds she gained back after shedding 40. She said that she was very aware that she at her feelings, and ate because she was bored, the same reasons she became addicted to pills. She admitted that she had traded one addiction for another, and we couldn't be more proud of her facing it and working hard to overcome her demons.

Meanwhile, Matt Baier actually gave us a reason to not hate him quite so much, by showing tremendous support of Amber's weight loss journey. He said it wouldn't matter if she were 900 pounds, because she's gorgeous no matter what, but he supports her in anything that helps her feel good about herself.

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And then there was Farrah Abraham, who was busy getting ready for the grand opening of her frozen yogurt shop. We especially loved watching Sophia's mom conduct job interviews while wearing crazy glasses, screaming at her parents over which appliance was a fridge and which was a freezer, and insisting that it should only take five minutes to prep the food service store before opening.

We hope Farrah never stops being Farrah.


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