Chelsea Houska Shares Her Biggest Pregnancy Craving

Now that Chelsea Houska is officially a married lady, we can look forward to the next big event in her life: becoming a mom of two! But she'll still be preggers for a while, and that usually comes with a strange appetite. This week, Chelsea revealed her biggest pregnancy craving, and it's actually kind of surprising how normal it is. 


Because Chelsea isn't going crazy for pickles or anything like that -- she's actually dreaming of something that most of us consume on a pretty regular basis: soda. 

Sprite is a pretty tame craving, don't you think? And even though sugary, carbonated drinks aren't exactly good for you, we think Chelsea should be allowed to make an exception just this once. We hope she's treating herself! She is growing a human, after all. 

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We've been loving Chelsea's pregnancy updates so far, and it's really cool how she's been keeping her fans in the loop on such a big moment in her life. It's clear that she and Cole can't wait to welcome their little one, and neither can we. Is that baby going to be gorgeous, or what?! 

Next, we hope she's planning on doing a gender reveal. We're dying to know if Aubree is getting a little brother or a little sister -- although she'd obviously be an awesome older sib to either. 

But in the meantime, we'd definitely settle for more wedding pics. Please?!


Image via chelseahouska/Instagram 

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