Farrah Abraham Has an Interesting Sex Talk Planned for Sophia

Let's just be honest: Farrah Abraham makes a lot of parenting decisions we just wouldn't make. Of course, some of this is because she's had to raise her daughter in front of cameras with the whole world watching, and that's definitely not typical -- and sometimes, it affords her some pretty interesting teachable moments. Apparently, Farrah plans to use 16 and Pregnant to teach Sophia about sex. Hmm. 


In a recent interview with Us Weekly, Farrah revealed that being on the show as a teenager experiencing an accidental pregnancy has actually given her the perfect opportunity to give Sophia the sex talk. Um, sounds a little awkward to us, but we'll bite. What's the plan? 

Here's what the Teen Mom OG star told the mag:  

I can always play those 16 and Pregnant episodes and all these things back, that's just, like, the help and I wouldn't take that for granted. I would use it as a big tool.

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Okay, now we might be on board. After all, the show has helped prevent countless teen pregnancies -- why wouldn't it do the same in Farrah's own family? It could get dicey since it would be Sophia essentially watching her own conception played back as a cautionary tale, but done the right way, it might just work. 

Plus, there's no way Sophia can grow up and avoid the show entirely. Even if the other kids at school aren't eventually going to ask her about it -- and we guarantee they will -- we have a feeling curiosity would get the best of her and she'd watch 'em eventually.

Good luck, Farrah. The sex talk is never easy (or not awkward) but maybe 16 and Pregnant really can help! 

Image via farrah__abraham/Instagram 

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