Another Duggar Reality Show Is in the Works

TLC has had a major gap in programming since giving 19 Kids & Counting the axe last year -- one that not even Counting On has been able to fill. But does that mean there could be more Duggars on the way?! Apparently, Amy Duggar has scored her own reality show on the network, so get ready for more of everybody's favorite cousin! 


According to fans who spotted Amy filming at a salon over the weekend (via Inquisitr), it looks like she and the TLC cameras have officially reunited. The only problem? There's no way of knowing if it's just for a special celebrating Amy's birthday or if it's part of a whole series about the rebel of the family. Guess we'll have to wait and see! 

But one thing's for sure: Something is definitely going on. And if the film crew isn't enough to convince you, something Amy and her husband, Dillon, recently said on Facebook should do it. 

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They said: 

And while fans have guessed everything from babies to new pets, it seems likely that they were talking about whatever's happening with TLC. Hmm... 

We can't wait to see what's really up. Amy's always been one of the most hilarious members of the fam, so we know a show about her life is definitely going to be entertaining! 


Image via amyrachelleking/Instagram

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