Gary Shirley's Wife Has Strict Rules Set in Place for MTV Cameras

For the kids of Teen Mom, growing up on camera has become the norm. But what about their stepsiblings? Apparently, Gary Shirley's wife's ex wants MTV to stay away from their daughter, and has even taken the legal route to getting it done. 


According to Radar Online, Kristina's ex-husband, Greg Anderson, has required that the daughter they share, Karly, never appear on Teen Mom. So if the fact that Kristina even has another daughter is news to you, that's probably why -- she's never appeared on the show. 

And this week, Kristina and Greg's custody battle continued. Court documents surfaced that were obtained by Radar state that Karly still may not be filmed or be present when filming is happening -- and that she should be "returned to her father" if Kristina can't find somewhere for her to go while filming is happening. 

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We totally get why Kristina's ex wouldn't want his daughter on the show. Making the call about whether or not your child should participate in a show that reaches so many people each week is a huge decision, and there are plenty of reasons why it's a bad idea for a kid. It's just a bummer that Kristina doesn't get to have both of her children around for this adventure.

Here's hoping the drama stays low-key from here on out. There's enough on the Teen Mom OG set already! 


Image via MTV

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