Catelynn Baltierra Admits She Can't Break Her Pot Habit in New 'Teen Mom' Video

Catelynn Baltierra's had a very difficult year, but we're proud of her for finding a clinic that could help her live a happier, healthier life. And at the same time she went in for treatment, she revealed she wanted to quit doing pot, too -- except it sounds like that part of her plan didn't happen. In a new promo for Teen Mom OG, Catelynn admits she's still doing pot. Uh-oh! 


In the clip, Tyler's mom is at their house, visiting with him, Nova, and Cate, and she asks about how Catelynn is doing after treatment, and slips in there that the other day, she was pretty sure Cate was high. Yikes! 

But to Cate's credit, she totally doesn't lie to her mother-in-law. Instead, she just says it's something she doesn't want to talk about on camera, and who can blame her? She made a promise to cut out a habit she wanted to kick and it didn't work out, and most people wouldn't want to talk about that in front of an audience, either.

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Then, Tyler's mom asks him if he's planning on correcting her when he sees her doing something she's not supposed to, and his response is a good one.

"I have to keep my mouth shut," he says. "She's responsible for her, and I'm responsible for me." 

We have a feeling these two will be just fine -- and we hope that Cate will eventually be able to tackle what she needs to in order to be the best person and mom she can. After everything she's been through and overcome, she deserves happiness! 


Image via tylerbaltierramtv/Instagram

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