There Just Might Be an Adorable 'Bachelor' Special in the Works

The only thing better than Bachelor relationships that actually work? Bachelor relationships that result in adorable babies. And now, there might be a brand-new way to celebrate them. It sounds like a special about Bachelor babies could be in the works, and we're crossing our fingers it really happens! 


During a recent interview with OK! magazine, Ali Fedotowsky said she's totally into the idea of rounding up all the Bach alums with kids for a reunion -- one that could eventually end up on our TVs.

Um, could you imagine a cuter special?! We love when everyone gets together for Bachelor weddings, like Jade and Tanner's earlier this year, but getting the babies involved would be another level of awesome.

She told the mag: 

We haven't had any play dates yet, but I cannot wait for that. I am envisioning a photo shoot with us and all of our babies, or you know, or doing a Bachelor special, getting together with our babies!

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Of course, this is just Ali's idea, but we think ABC should definitely listen to her. A special like that would be so much fun to watch ... and we love the reminder that sometimes these reality show relationships we get so invested in actually work out and end up turning into happy families. 

There are tons of kids we want to see more of -- especially Ali's daughter, Molly. She's so cute! Hopefully, this TV special actually becomes a thing. And if not? There's always Instagram. 


Image via alifedotowsky/Instagram 

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