Amber Portwood May Have Finally Broken Things Off With Matt Baier

A lot of shocking news about Matt Baier has come out recently, but Amber Portwood has maintained she's in love with him anyway -- or is she? It looks like there's a chance our prayers have been answered and Amber broke up with Matt -- or did she? 


On Monday, Amber took to Twitter to let her fans and followers know that she's turning over a new leaf. And although she didn't explain what she meant by that, it definitely sounds like she means that she's starting this next new chapter without Matt. 

She has yet to share more details, but we have a feeling those are coming. If she did break up with Matt, there should be some kind of confirmation soon. You know, like parades breaking out in the streets to celebrate the fact that Amber has finally come to her senses.

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Between Matt lying about his children, being behind on child support payments, and hitting on her costars, there are more than enough reasons for her to have ditched him. Obviously, he's not the guy she thought he was when they met, and it's better for her to make a decision like this before they tie the knot than after. 

And if this isn't because they broke up? Hopefully, that's coming. Amber's worked too hard and come too far to be dragged down by anyone. She deserves better! 


Image via realamberlportwood1__/Instagram

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