Fans Speculate That Farrah Abraham's Boyfriend Is Actually Her Pimp

If we know one thing about Teen Mom OG's Farrah Abraham, it's that she's all about the hustle, and her latest new job has us scratching our heads a bit. Apparently Farrah could be working as an escort. Yep, we didn't see that one coming. 


According to a new report from Radar Online, a former sex worker has pointed out that Farrah's boyfriend Simon Saran's recent tweets are making it sound like he's pimping her out to guys as a new business venture. We knew they had a strange relationship, but is it that strange? 

Nope. Recently, Simon talked to Radar to clear up the rumors and confirm that this is not, in fact, the case -- duh.

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Simon told the site: 

No, I am not a pimp. I have morals. Yes, I do take trips often. That doesn't mean I am doing anything illegal. I slaved for years to get my business where it is today to give me financial freedom. I think this ex-coworker has fantasies of me being her pimp daddy!

Yikes! Well, you heard it here first, folks: Farrah is not for hire. Well, not for that, anyway. Better luck next time, rumor mill! Although when it comes to Farrah, she doesn't even need rumors to keep things interesting.


Image via farrah__abraham/Instagram 

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