Sarah Jessica Parker Isn't Ruling Out More 'Sex & the City' -- Here's Our Ideal Plot

Sex and the City, Sarah Jessica Parker says a new movie is possible.

While Sex and the City may have ended in 2004, it's lived on in two movies (one in 2008 and another in 2012) and in its everlasting impact on the lives of many women. Seriously. The ladies in the show (fictional or not) normalized a lifestyle that, before them, wasn't always considered a proper way of living for women ... and if it was, it certainly wasn't meant to be broadcast to the public. As they covered topics of sex and love, we fell in love with them, what they stood for, and the seemingly glamorous lifestyle they had. So of course we're always hoping for a reboot of some sort, and we're always discouraged when rumors of reboots turn out to be just that -- rumors. But this time, Sarah Jessica Parker herself is dangling a bit of hope for SATC fans, so we're crossing our fingers that it could be the real thing.


Parker told the Guardian:

I don't think any of us have said no ... I don't know whether it's a series or the movie. I think that remains an open question and discussion that will continue until it's been resolved. I think that's always a possibility, definitely.

While I personally would prefer the next Sex and the City endeavor to be a complete series reboot, I'd be open to any and all things SATC. Personally, I just want to experience New York City with the ladies in 2016 instead of having to watch reruns and apply it to my millennial life in New York. But, hey, beggars can't be choosers. 

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So, no matter what form it comes in, here's what we hope to see from each of the ladies after their four-year hiatus:


More than anything else, we finally just want there to be zero drama between Carrie and Big. We get it -- they're the couple that defied all the odds. But we don't need to be reminded of this every time we get a new movie. Just let Carrie and Big be great, once and for all.


We obviously don't want Samantha to compromise her happiness for a man, but what we do hope is that Smith's career allows him more flexibility and brings him back to New York. After all that Samantha sacrificed for him, there's no denying her love. We all know that that's rare and fleeting for her character, so we hope it pays off. No, she doesn't need a man to be happy, but Smith was great and, at one point, they were great together. We want that back. 

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When we last saw Miranda she had quit her job and was trying to figure out her next move after departing Abu Dhabi. We're hoping that after having time to slow down from the daily grind, she finally mastered her work-life balance. 


We've always loved that Charlotte was a hopeless romantic, and we hope nothing ever changes that. However, we're hoping that the birth of her kids has taught her that life just isn't perfect ALL the time. So, basically, we hope they taught her to chill the hell out. Her need to judge while not getting judged herself can be a bit overkill at times.

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All that said, I'm no TV/movie producer so I probably don't have the best idea of what gets people to tune in. For all I know, there's a reason that every time we see Carrie and Big, there's big trouble. So we'll wait and be surprised (if we ever actually get to see the latest update). However, we won't be holding our breath -- we know they make a habit of teasing us.


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