Catelynn Baltierra Gets Real About Her Stay in Rehab

She's back, and feeling better than ever! On Monday night's episode of Teen Mom OG, Catelynn Baltierra returned home from a 30-day rehab stay, and didn't make us cry at all over her reunion with her hubby Tyler Baltierra and daughter Nova. That's a lie. We bawled like babies.


Ty and Nova (with MTV crew in tow) flew from Michigan to Arizona to pick Cate up from the treatment facility, and it wasn't a moment too soon. She was ready to be picked up ASAP, and even opted for producer Jessica to pick her up at midnight, rather than wait until the next morning.

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Can't say we blame her -- we wouldn't have been able to sleep a wink either. When they made it to the rental house where Ty was waiting, he welcomed her with flowers and a super sweet note praising her for being so strong and basically an incredible human being.

Cate thanked Ty for holding down the fort while she dealt with her anxiety and depression, and said that "getting help" was the best thing she's ever done. Not only did she only suffer two anxiety attacks while there, she also learned that she doesn't suffer from PTSD or a panic disorder.

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Instead, Cate discovered that her childhood was the root of her triggers of chaos and abandonment. She explained to her therapist at home that growing up in an alcoholic home, combined with her dad leaving, set her up to have issues as an adult.

Thankfully, she learned some great coping skills for taking care of herself, including spending time alone in nature, and even giving up her pot habit. We couldn't be more proud of you, Cate! Keep up the good work.


Image via tylerbaltierramtv/Instagram

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