Chelsea Houska Shows Off Her Bump at 20 Weeks

We can't decide what we're more excited for: Chelsea Houska's impending nuptials or her new baby. But when it comes to the latter, this future mom of two isn't holding back on the updates! Over the weekend, Chelsea shared a new bump photo, and yep, she's still so adorable.


In the pic Chels shared on Instagram, she's wearing a black top with a plaid flannel shirt tied around her waist, and her bump is in full view. There's no doubt about it now; this girl is showing! And in the caption, she revealed that she's 20 weeks along and that she's loving feeling her baby kick. 

Clearly, Chelsea is super excited to meet her little one, and so are we. Aubree is so adorable and funny that we know her little sister or brother is going to be just as amazing. And speaking of which, didn't Chelsea promise us a gender reveal soon? We're dying of curiosity over here!

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It's been so much fun watching Chelsea prepare to become a mom to an infant again, especially after seeing her a little freaked out as a pregnant teen on 16 and Pregnant the last time she was expecting a baby. This time, Chelsea's a seasoned pro, and she has Cole DeBoer at her side. This is one lucky kiddo she's about to have! 

We're counting down the days until her baby makes his or her grand entrance, especially now that we know this mom is halfway there. Those Instagram posts featuring tiny toes and cute baby outfits are going to be amazing! 


Image via chelseahouska/Instagram

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