Ali Fedotowsky Gets Real About Her Life as a New Mom

Ali Fedotowsky with her 2-month-old daughter, MollyLife has been quite busy for Ali Fedotowsky. And now that she's a new mom, it's pretty safe to say her days are filled with coos, a little spit-up, and those oh-so-wonderful poopy diapers. Welcoming her daughter Molly to the world back in July, the Bachelorette star has her eyes set on the fall season, planning for the holidays, and keeping up with that cleaning regimen we all love to hate. And of course, we just had to ask for her secrets -- including how she stays so fashionable!


We recently caught up with Ali for a good ol' gab fest about motherhood, her plans with fiancé Kevin Manno this season, and what she thinks about the next Bachelor, Nick Viall.

We just have to ask you how you look so fabulous after giving birth to your daughter Molly two months ago. What is your secret to staying so stylish -- we need to know?!
Aww, thank you so much. 

After having Molly, I just feel like your body goes through the wringer. So for me, as a mom, it was so important -- especially in the earlier weeks -- to try do to [simple things], like take showers in the morning. Well, not every morning. (Laughs) It doesn't always happen. But on days [when I feel up to it], or when Kevin is around, I put on some makeup and a decent outfit.

It makes me feel good about me, and I personally feel when I feel the best about myself, I can be the best mom for Molly.

I realize that all moms don't have the ability to do this. I'm lucky that I have an incredible partner who makes it easy for me to have a little bit of "me time" and do things for myself. I also have a pretty good baby -- so I'm definitely lucky.

You make it look so easy to piece things together on your site and often use a ton of everyday items. You're definitely an inspiration to get out of sweat pants!
Aww. Thank you. I'm not doing anything complicated. [My wardrobe] could be a cute dress that I found that's really flattering and affordable. 

Now that we've transitioned into fall, what are some autumn memories you and Kevin look forward to creating with your daughter?
I have such good memories as a kid raking up leaves with my parents and jumping in them and taking fun pictures with my [siblings] in a big pile of leaves. I'd like to do that with Molly. 

[I'm also looking forward] to her first pumpkin patch and [taking] photos with her. That stuff is really for us right now, because she doesn't know what's going on. But they'll be cute photos and a way for us to build memories.

I'm so excited.

And of course [there's] the holidays and all the fun stuff ... although preparing for the holidays can be kinda hard. Because we have Molly, we're not planning on traveling to our hometowns this season -- which we normally do. We plan on having people come to us, so we'll be entertaining a lot.

Why do you think it's important for new parents to consider entertaining in their homes this season?
I definitely think it would be [easier] to entertain than travel with a little one. 


You [also] know what's going on in your own house. You know what products are being used, and when you go to other places, you don't know. Obviouly you don't want to be crazy. You do want [your kids] to be exposed to some stuff. But I would rather have my kid playing on a floor where you know you can control stuff.

Plus, you'll build so many memories with your child in your house. One of the reasons why we don't want to leave home this holiday season is [because] it's our first as a family of three. Well, three and Owen [Ali and Kevin's dog] -- so really a family of four.

We want to create these memories at home.

I think that's so special and important. I want Molly to build traditions in our home.

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Do you have any tips on how you plan to tackle hosting for the holidays with a new baby?
What I really like to do is get my house in order way in advance. I also like deep cleaning in the fall, kinda like how you do spring cleaning in your house. I'm deep cleaning all the things you don't necessarily think about -- like the shower and the fireplace. 

I do a lot of cleaning.

I'm [actually] cleaning my house right now, so I can focus on other things once the holiday rolls around.

What advice do you have for new mommies who are trying to clean and take care of baby?
Utilize their nap times to get things done. When she's napping, I'm up cleaning. I'm [also] lucky Kevin does the majority of the cleaning. 


And when we don't have time for cleaning we'll hire a cleaning service. As new parents, you don't always have time to clean.

It's also important to use natural cleaning products. One thing I was worried about before I had Molly was cleaning. At first I thought she would have to leave the house, because I didn't want [Molly] exposed to fumes. I really started researching cleaning products and that's how I came across Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar. It's a natural and non-toxic vinegar. I use it to clean the kitchen table, the countertops, the floors, my rugs, Molly's toys.

People often [ask], "Is is natural? Is it effective?" And I have to say vinegar is a natural cleaning agent. It's strong and effective and I love it.

It sounds like you've made some changes to your routines now that you're a mom.
I won't bring a product into my house that's not natural -- and [that's] not just cleaning products. Makeup. Deoderant. I even had Kevin switch his body wash, because I was worried [whenever] he had Molly against his chest. 

All great tips! Do you happen to have any suggestions for fall entertaining essentials?
I would go with a margarita recipe, 'cause they can never be bad -- even in [the] fall. I feel like you can entertain all of your guests with margaritas. I make a really good non-alcoholic margarita that I learned when I was pregnant. 

Actually, a better thing would actually be a great pumpkin drink, but I haven't mastered that yet, besides lattes.

All of my choices are beverages.


Tasty margaritas and beers -- yas! If only The Bachelor was on. Speaking of which, what do you think about Nick Viall being next in line?
I love Nick! I've been rooting for him all along, even when everyone was hating on him. I think that he's such a great guy -- I'm so excited for him! 


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