Farrah Abraham Wants Her Own 'Teen Mom' Spin-Off

There are two reasons we watch Teen Mom OG: Partly for the really cute kids, and partly to see whatever antics Farrah Abraham is up to. And if she gets her way, we could be seeing a lot more of her in the future. Farrah wants her own Teen Mom spin-off, and we wouldn't be surprised if it actually happened someday. 


In a recent interview with In Touch, Farrah revealed that if the right opportunity came her way, she would totally jump on it -- but only if it gave her the freedom to express herself in the way she wants the world to see her. 

Farrah told the mag:

I don't know what would be the perfect way for me to get the full effect of Farrah -- so many shows only show bits and pieces and they don't really show who I am and everything that I can do, but I think when that certain project or opportunity brings itself, then I would definitely do it, but I don't want a show that's stagnant or like a talk show -- that gets boring.

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We agree. It's really hard to make a talk show work, so it would probably need to be in the same format as Teen Mom, but maybe about Farrah's life only? She has so many businesses happening at the same time that it would be interesting to get an inside look at what her day to day is like.

Plus, we're not going to complain about seeing more Sophia. Her personality is so big that watching a show where she's involved could never possibly be boring! Add in some drama from Debra and you clearly have a hit on your hands. MTV, get to it! 


Image via farrah__abraham/Instagram 

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