Leah Messer Kicks a Disgusting Habit to the Curb

She's seriously made a 180. Leah Messer just quit a nasty habit, continuing her path of physical and emotional health and wellness. The Teen Mom 2 star has made some huge personal strides in the past couple of years, and now she can add quitting smoking to the list.


The mom of three posted a video to her Instagram this week of a pack of cigs burning, along with the caption, "So over this bad habit!!! It's not healthy for me or my household. What role model for my daughters would I be to keep smoking? So I'm finally saying goodbye to cigarettes! #GoodBye #PositiveVibes #WannaBHealthy #Excited"

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In the video, Leah can be heard saying, "Never again," and, "New journeys." Quitting is so tough, but we hope that by making her decision to quit public, she'll be able to stick to it.

It looks like she's already getting tons of support too. The comments section of the video is overflowing with positive affirmations along the lines of this cheer of encouragement: "Woohoo!!! One of the hardest but best decisions you could make!!!! Good for you!!!"

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Seriously awesome move for Leah. Not only is it one of the best things she can do for herself, it's a seriously cool move for her daughters, who will be saying goodbye to secondhand smoke, and hello to a mama who shows them that determination can accomplish difficult things.


Image via leahdawn92mtv/Instagram

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