Sean & Catherine Lowe Give Us the Scoop on Being Brand-New Parents

Sean and Catherine LoweAwww! In case you somehow missed the big news, Bachelor couple Sean and Catherine Lowe welcomed their son, Samuel, into the world back in July, and naturally, the new parents couldn't be happier with their brand-new addition! We had the pleasure of catching up with them to hear about how they're adjusting to life as parents -- and we also caught this glimpse of their gorgeous new nursery!


We may not be experts, but it sounds like Sean and Catherine definitely have the whole new parent thing down. (Soooo, when is baby number two going to join the fam? No pressure, you two!)

How are things going so far with baby Samuel? Is being a mom and dad easier or harder than you anticipated?
We absolutely love being parents! Parenthood obviously comes with its share of challenges, but those are so worth it when that little cherub smiles back at us. We were prepared for no sleep and lots of diaper changes, so I guess it's what we expected in those ways. 

What has surprised you the most about becoming new parents?
I've been surprised at how completely obsessed I am with Samuel. He is my buddy through and through. I think it's also come natural to step up to the plate with all the things that parenting throws your way. I used to think it would be a challenge, because I never considered myself very maternal -- until now! 

Is Samuel sleeping in his beautiful new nursery yet?
Samuel hasn't slept in his nursery yet but we've spent a lot of time up there. We do bath time in his bathroom, tummy time on his new rugs, and reading time in his rocking chair. Once he heads up there for good, I'm going to have a hard time separating! 

What is one piece of advice you would give new parents now that you're living the reality of having a new baby in the house?
Now that I'm a mom, my advice to new parents would be to roll with the messes. It's such a relief to know I don't have to worry about all the messes that come with having a baby in the house, because I have Dreft! It's become my little secret! I leave it to Dreft Newborn detergent to tackle all of Samuel's messes so I can focus on the fun, special adventures each day has for our little family. Plus, my mom used the same detergent on me as a baby so that makes it really special. 

How did Samuel's big trip out to LA go for After Paradise? Is he a good little traveler?
Samuel is a dream traveler! I put him in my baby sling and he's calm and happy! He's in my arms the whole flight and we watch a movie and eat a snack together, and to the other passengers it's as if he's not even there. 

What has been your favorite part of being parents so far?
Our favorite part so far has been getting to see Samuel's "firsts" -- the first smile, the first laugh, and we know that will just continue! Next we're looking forward to his first foods -- especially since we know we have Dreft at home to handle the laundry afterwards! As time goes on I'm sure that will just continue -- the first walk, talk, baseball game, prom -- there's a lifetime of moments to relish. We're also looking forward to more of those laugh-out-loud moments. Those are the best! 

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