Chris Harrison Gets Real About His Love Life

Chris Harrison may help people fall in love for a living, but what about his own relationship status? Since his divorce, it seems like Chris is in need of a little Bachelor treatment himself. Okay, so that probably will never happen, but at least Chris is finally opening up about his love life, and it sounds like he's loving being single right now.


In an interview with People, Chris admitted that his busy schedule is not exactly conducive to falling in love and settling down with someone new, but he is prepared to change things up in the future. And even though it doesn't sound like he's dating anyone seriously right now, he did say he's super happy.

Chris told the mag: 

My house is where I keep my clothes and that probably needs to stop at some point. I literally fly by and see my clothes. This is true and this is sad ... I'll have three suitcases on my floor, and I come in and I drop one and pack the other one.

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He also added that he's been spending a lot of time with his friends and their families as well as his own family, including his kids, Jon and Taylor, who he says are growing up really fast.

If Chris ever wants a break from his buddies, we know a few ladies who would be lining up to date him. Kind, good-looking, and has full access to everything Bachelor? Who wouldn't want a part of that?! 


Image via chrisbharrison/Instagram

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