'Teen Mom' Is Headed Across the Pond

Ready to meet a brand-new cast of Teen Mom stars to love and their cute kids? They're on their way! Teen Mom UK is set to premiere in November for our friends across the pond, which means America now gets to share the joy and the drama of one of our favorite reality shows with more of the world.


As you can expect, Teen Mom UK will be a lot like the Teen Mom we know and love, this time starring British young moms instead. MTV UK announced the news this week, and released a statement about what the show will be about.

The statement said: 

Teen Mom UK will lift the lid on the real stories of teen pregnancies and parenthood by following the lives of five lovable UK mums and is set to document the highs and lows of teen parenthood. It will show the girls taking on some of the biggest challenges and decisions in their life so far. From breakups and managing work/life balance, through to postnatal depression and juggling a social life with caring for a baby, no two teen parent experiences are the same.

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Sounds like what we're used to in the US! Of course, it won't have Farrah or Jenelle -- the two true heroes of the Teen Mom franchise -- but we're sure the women MTV has chosen are up to the task. We can't wait to meet them! 

Fingers crossed we'll be able to watch the show's debut season here in America. We can't wait to see the latest spin-off of one of our favorite shows! 


Image via MTV

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